Balloon Sinuplasty Procedure Overview

Dr Jacob uses a small flexible balloon catheter to open blocked sinus cavities, facilitating the drainage of mucus that builds up in patients who suffer from chronic sinusitis. This treatment can be performed on the frontal, sphenoid, and maxillary sinuses, and it is performed on-site at our New Orleans-area office in Metairie, Louisiana.

Balloon sinuplasty differs from traditional sinus surgery in that it requires no cutting and no removal of bone and tissue. According to the Journal Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery, Vol. 139, balloon sinuplasty is safe and effective: patients experienced no adverse events and received statistically and clinically significant improvement in their sinus symptoms.

Step 1: The balloon is placed into the inflamed sinus

Step 2: The sinus is expanded by inflating the balloon

Step 3: Mucus and pus are flushed out of the sinus by a saline spray

Step 4: When the balloon catheter system is removed, the sinus is opened