Dr Dan's Office Has Moved

Exciting news! Dr Dan has joined the practice of Drs. Hickham and Spring "ENT Specialists of Metairie". He will maintain his practice of otolaryngology and facial plastic surgery at his new location. His office has moved across the street to 4315 Houma Blvd, suite 401. Plenty of street level parking and the attached Esplanade Garage are available.

Dr. Jacob and Medical Mission

Dr. Jacob is a founder and the president of NOMMS (New Orleans Medical Missions Services) which began in 2001. To date, 32 Medical Missions to Latin America have taken place where 37,562 eyeglasses have been dispensed and 1,510 surgeries have been performed. Additionally, NOMMS has made 114 shipments of medical supplies and equipment to various Latin American destinations.

Dr Jacob's Recent Mission Trip to Matagalpa Nicaragua

Dr. R. Daniel Jacob (Board Chairman, President, and a founder of New Orleans Medical Missions Services – NOMMS) completed a medical mission to Matagalpa Nicaragua on Saturday March 12, 2016. Accompanying him was his son, Dr. Christian D. Jacob, a facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon. The five surgeons on the mission, of various specialties, successfully performed 90 surgeries. The volunteers in the eye clinic dispensed glasses to 1600 patients. All attest that it is in giving that we receive.

Warning Signs of Stroke ("Brain Attack")

In a stroke or "brain attack", arteries that supply oxygen to the brain become blocked or rupture, causing brain tissue to die. Common signs are paralysis of the arms or legs, tingling, numbness, confusion, dizziness, double vision, slurred speech, trouble finding words, or weakness, especially on one side of the face or body.

Flu Shots

Once again it is time to receive your annual flu shot. It is best not to receive your flu shot before the month of October in order to have maximum immunity during the peak of flu season. Dr. Jacob administers flu shots in the office. You need not make an appointment. Just call and let us know you are on your way (504.454.3611)